Why coaching is your magic skillset as a leader?

Gallup says that over 85% of employees find their leader uninspiring! Why is that so important?

Think of a moment when you felt inspired. What else did you experience?

Being inspired is a direct link to you experiencing motivation with an increased level of confidence.

This allows for strong engagement and loyalty, which like magic impacts your overall performance because people feel a stronger commitment, so they allow themselves to give their best, they navigate through challenges with confidence, they think out of the box, they collaborate more and so much more.

During my years in various leadership roles, I have always asked myself what made me a strong leader? And it very often comes back to PEOPLE and the impact I had on them.

Over my years in the corporate world, I have hired over 50 employees, I have coached over 100 and mentored even more.

And when I look at what I did differently then, I coached.

Coaching was not about me imposing my way on the team, it was about me helping them to discover their own way to success. It was a tool I used to create an environment that facilitated collaboration and empowerment which resulted in strong performance.

Here is how to be a better coach to your team:

‣ Listen! It is pointless speaking to your teams or a team member and not giving your 100% to them. Hear them out without distraction and filter out the noise

‣ Know your Team – Truly get to know who they are, what is important to them, what matters to them. Make that connection. Because through that process, they get to realize a lot about themselves.

‣ Acknowledge and do not be afraid to praise – Acknowledge effort, praise success without bias. Everybody deserves to be told that they have done great because that is what will push them to achieve more

‣ Show you care and express empathy – Empathy is not a weakness. It is an understanding of the situation with no judgment. 

‣ Join them in their journey – As a leader, you have the opportunity to have a positive impact. I used to shadow my team on client visits which allowed me to truly see what they do and understand their role. I was able to gain an insight to their world which was priceless. It is not about taking over, it is about observing and then looking at what worked well and what could be improved.

‣ Which allowed me to give FEEDBACK – and it was not just feedback – it was constructive feedback. I was not there to point out what went wrong, I was there to help them look at new ways of looking at situations and exploring new ways of doing things to make them more efficient and impactful

We all have a role to play as a leader. Ask yourself what type of leader you want to be. A leader that inspires, creates a culture of collaboration, and develops future leaders or a leader that wants to dominate, micromanage and be the only expert.

It is truly as simple as that.


Amrika Bhogaita


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