Training & Development

We offer a range of transformative training programmes to help you develop an environment of shared knowledge and skills, mutual respect and a can-do attitude. Each training programme is unique to the needs of the team or business we’re working with, while also being aligned with the external environment. We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (also adopted by the UAE), and we incorporate elements of these, such as fair treatment, equal opportunities, human rights and corporate social responsibility, into every programme.

Our strength in this area derives from the fact that we all draw on years of experience working in a global corporate environment, offering training and events in a wide variety of areas, from sales and customer service to compliance and cyber-crimes governance. The integration of these capabilities enables us to offer a diverse and comprehensive range of training, either collaboratively or individually.

 Our approach

We offer half- and full-day programmes, as well as training over several days, which can be provided at your premises or offsite. Our training sessions are always highly interactive, engaging and informative, and include the following key components:

  • Theory
  • Case studies
  • Interactive role-play and brainstorming discussions
  • Team-building exercises
  • The practical application of new skills in different scenarios
  • Key takeaways and a workbook

Special areas of focus:

Developing a team’s capabilities, creating alignment & goal improvement

This programme aims to ensure that your teams are empowered to achieve and drive results while assuring strong alignment across the business. Areas covered include: helping team members appreciate their unique capabilities and what they bring to the team, as well as the team’s role in the business as a whole; communication and presentation skills; how to handle difficult conversations; negotiation skills, customer service; and developing confidence and mental strength.

Corporate social responsibility

We offer guidance and training to help you manage the social, environmental and economic effects of your business’s operations responsibly, and to ensure they meet public expectations. This may include: instilling policies reworking with partners who follow ethical business practices; reinvesting profits in health and safety or environmental programmes; supporting charitable organizations in the communities where you operate; promoting diversity and equal opportunities for men and women at an executive level.

Diversity & inclusion (including Intercultural Communications)

In today’s globalized market, it’s important to create an environment that appreciates people’s unique characteristics, backgrounds and experiences. We help you to implement a diversity and inclusion programme, and train your employees to achieve strong intercultural communications and operate with respect, tolerance and openness for a more cohesive, happier and productive workforce.

Regulatory governance, compliance and financial crimes training

We offer general awareness sessions in areas such as governance and combating money-laundering, financial and cyber-crimes, compliance and corporate social responsibility. We help to identify the areas where your company needs improvement, and provide hands-on training to bring you up to speed.

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