Hurt & Pain

Is Hurt a feeling or a status or a decision or a trigger resulting from an unhealed childhood wound?

When we face a loss, a breakup, a huge disappointment, a betrayal, or an emotional shock, we tend to think that it is the end of the world. Our life starts falling apart in front of us. We have this tendency to give up and start telling ourselves how unfortunate and miserable we are and focus all our attention on all the things which are not working in our lives. We start to blame our parents and other people for all the insecurities we have. Sometimes we start distracting ourselves by going out so often, developing bad habits, hanging out with party buddies, or even jump quickly into new relationships to fill in the emotional gap we have.

What we tend to forget doing is looking deep into our hearts and facing the feeling with all its harshness, talking to it, communicating to ourselves what we are feeling and why we are feeling so. It is very crucial to spend quality time on healing, it is ok to stay with ourselves and ourselves only. It is ok to feel weak and vulnerable, it is ok to cry days and night. It is ok, and you are not alone. We have all been there. Yes, it might feel so lonely sometimes but by time you will enjoy your own company.

Take this challenge you are facing as an opportunity to know yourself. Every challenge is a blessing in disguise. Tackle it right, spend quality time with yourself and feel everything you need to feel. The only way to heal is to go through the pain. Pain is sometimes the best thing which can happen to you, it teaches you how strong you are, and make you discover amazing qualities in yourself which you have never had the chance to know. Pain and challenges help you love yourself and realise that you should always come first. Always remember that the universe will not give you something you cannot handle, and always have your back.

If you are reading this and passing through painful times, remember nothing lasts forever, trust yourself and the universe. Take advantage of this time to know and fall in love with yourself. Once you do that trust that you will rise again.


Hala Bou Alwan


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