We experience Emotions everyday – from happiness to anger to frustration and joy. Very often our emotions overwhelm us and it feels like there’s no way out of that emotion, especially when they are anger, frustration, disappointment etc. as a result your body almost feels crippled.

How do you control your emotions? How does one feel whilst not letting the emotion take over?

And how does one let it go?

A few things to remember:

  1. Emotions are temporary
  2. You are not the emotion – so be conscious of what you say. Instead of “I am angry” say “I am feeling angry”
  3. Don’t be overtaken by emotions and do not feel embarrassed or scared. Acknowledge it, Embrace it and let it go. It’s ok to be sad, to feel angry and disappointed.
  4. Learn from it. Why did the situation make you angry? What can I do differently when facing a similar situation?
  5. Learn a technique that’s unique to you to control emotions – for eg. My 3 year old son when feeling overwhelmed says “Mum, take a deep breath, count to 3 and say I’m taking care of me”. He is absolutely right. That 2 minute moment of taking a deep breath, counting to 3 already puts your emotions at ease.

Explore what works for you. Remember emotions are healthy. Just don’t let them overtake you.


Amrika Bhogaita


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