Emotional Agility

We hear the word Agile in business where we are asked to adapt & respond at a much faster rate in order to achieve optimal results. Agility can also be applied to how we experience emotions at a workplace or in our personal lives.

Our personality, knowledge & skills all determine who we are however, our mindset, thoughts & reactions to emotions will determine how successful we will become. It’s about those conscious decisions we make along the way that will lead to our future growth.

Susan David’s book Emotional Agility showcases various techniques & one of them is about putting your experiences on paper.

Research shows that people who wrote about ‘emotionally charged’ experiences had stronger improvement in their mental & physical well-being because it allows you to process your experience whilst accepting all emotions. This helps you to step into meaningful action by stepping out of your experience.

It’s not about not facing your challenge or experience, it’s about turning that experience into opportunities that connects with your values.

Allocate 20 mins a week, reflect & write about your most emotionally charged experience like being made redundant, a difficult meeting, an argument etc.

Key rules is to not judge yourself but reflect, embrace, let go and thrive.


Amrika Bhogaita


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