Be Kind... Be You

Do not treat people as bad as they are… treat them as good as YOU are because KINDNESS always wins.

And winning does not means losing your true self, it is about being who you are, kind as you have always been to those around you and to yourself. You lose when you become someone you are not. It may give you a temporary satisfaction and a feel of victory, but trust me, YOU will regret it afterwards, because you will realize that the person who won was not truly YOU.

I always say that I have the power to forgive but I cannot force myself to forget. You cannot erase your memory overnight and that is not a bad thing because this is how we learn to make better choices, better decisions, and lead a better life. But you cannot have it without having a clean and kind heart and this happens when you forgive.

Kindness is not about being naïve or weak, kindness requires a lot of strength and courage to come out of any painful experience in life and still have your heart and mind as kind as it has ever been. And the best way to practice kindness can start from smiling to strangers and those around you, give compliments to people you know and to those you do not know. I was truly touched one day when a woman stopped me and complimented me on my shoes 😊. It immediately made me feel good and uplifted my mood.

Here is an experience I had:

One day I was heading to my office and in the elevator, I saw a young lady who looked extremely nervous. I looked at her and gave her a smile, I then asked her to smile back  offered my help and gave her my name even though I had no idea what she was going through. She smiled and said that it was her first day at work and she was feeling very anxious. Two days later, our office manager handed me a letter. It was from the lady I met in the elevator.

The letter was in her handwriting and her words brought tears to my eyes. She thanked me for being kind and smiling at her despite being complete strangers. She said I eased her anxiety and kept her smiling all day and that one moment of KINDNESS made it much easier for her to get along with her new colleagues. I did not expect that this would have a huge impact on someone in this way, all I wanted was to see this person smiling and feeling at ease.And guess what!! It PAID OFF😊

We are all going through a lot and suffering in different ways…So, my tip is to speak with kindness, smile with kindness, love with kindness, give with kindness and never be anyone BUT YOU.


Dalia El Kilany


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